Bibi Girls Winter 2014

Action Footwear is a wholesale importer of quality Brazilian Bibi childrens shoes for New Zealand and Australia

Bibi is a pioneer company in manufacturing children’s shoes in Brazil. Its childrens shoes, from zero to 12 years old, can be found with brand technology and its own design in shop windows. They manufacture fashionable girl sandals up to age 18 as well.

Action Footwear knows that innovation is the word that defines the good current moment of Bibi childrens shoes. Bibi shoes contour to the natural shape of the child’s foot. Action Footwear likes that the soft materials allow the foot to breathe. Flat insoles have microbial treatment to keep foot odour away.

The success of Bibi’s collections are directly linked to the hard work done in every direction, encouraged in every department at the company, from product development to production, to management and communication, and to the point of sale. Action Footwear believes that the results are evident and amaze the market at each launch. Children reinvent the world and Bibi translate that into shoes.

Founded in 1949, Bibi was the first Brazilian shoemaking company to receive the title “Company friend of the children” from Abrinq and Unicef  and the first in Latin America to achieve the ISO 9001 quality standard. With over 57 years of history, today Bibi is present in over 60 countries with its own brand, technology and design including in New Zealand and Australia by Action Footwear.

The ongoing quest for a balance between the child’s play-and-learn universe and health care is represented in every product bearing the Bibi brand.

Anatomically Correct Childrens Shoes

For more than 55 years Bibi has put the cutest shoes on the cutest feet, and Action Footwear has helped in New Zealand since 1989. Bibi’s anatomically correct footwear is infused with the latest in medical research to assure that your child’s foot remains healthy through all stages of development.

Action Footwear brings you fashion forward European inspired styling and color combinations with Bibi which will certainly please even the toughest young customer, and brighten your day.

Bibi started April 25, 1949 in the town of Parobé, Rio Grande do Sul.

From the beginning they provided a great fit for the infant universe, making BIBI a leading pioneer in the production of shoes for children aged 0 to 12 years in Brazil for more than 65 countries, including in New Zealand and Australia by Action Footwear, aiming to create the ideal footwear for children,. Bibi was the first to conduct scientific research on the subject, always matching foot health with fun and innovation.

Action Footwear likes that BIBI understands the needs of the child, respects the process of growth and advocates welfare at every stage of development, like any mother who wants the best for her child. Go ahead and send us an online enquiry for more information and details on our range of quality imported childrens shoes.